1. Aygo Cat. 

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  2. Indestructible Hilux in 9 GIFs




    The Indestructible Hilux

    you made a good purchase

    So awesome.

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  3. Waku Doki

  4. Check out the Lexus in Marvel”s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The complete issue is now available here:marvel.com/lexus

  5. Early crash protection or additional buoyancy? #Toyoddity

  7. Panda in a panda (AE86). #InitialD #Toyoddity


    Panda AE86
    Taken by me

  8. Be careful what you wish for.

  9. A hybrid in more ways than one. The Toyota Corolla hybrid based, Mitsuoka Ryugi.


    2015 Mitsuoka Ryugi

  10. Cars make the brand.  Or at least a lot of cars make the brand logo. Toyota owners in Russia set a new world record for biggest car logo.  

  11. Toyota fan Brymer Mugford from Alberta Canada took nine months to build a pick-up truck made from spruce trees. 

  12. A life-size cardboard cut-out of Toyota president and keen amateur race driver, Akio Toyoda acting as pit lane mechanic.

    And why not.


    #ToyotaTuesday: The Real Toyota Man! Akio “Morizo” Toyoda #トヨタ #toyotaracing #akiotoyoda #gazooracing #lexusracing #nascar #toyota #akiotoyoda #letsgoplaces #funtodrive #wakudoki (at Toyota Racing)

  13. When is a Lexus not a Lexus?

    When it’s an Allard.

    Two of these creations were built to attract investors for a new Le Mans car in the early 1990s. They failed and now one of the two is up for sale.

    From dailysportscar.com:

    The Allard team’s intent was to build a customer racecar and also have a road car tie-in, an Allard designed supercar. The Allard J2 supercar was to have been loosely based upon the J2X Group C chassis, and use a detuned Allard-badged Cosworth DFR. Though the J2 was a future project to be completed after the J2X was successfully on the track, two Lexus LS400s were modified by Allard (mainly styling, aerodynamics, and interior) and used as lures for potential manufacturer backing for the J2X. The LS400s were presented to Toyota in hopes that they would be interested in the Allard tie-in, to sell a low-volume exclusive, the Allard LS400. In fact Toyota did show interest, but confusion amongst the Allard partners led to them being unable to present a clear marketing proposal. Toyota quickly lost interest.

    Thanks to @infomotiveUK for the tip off.

    Link to the full story : http://archive.dailysportscar.com/subscribers/technical/allardj2x.htm

  14. Manga madness.   As legal restrictions on car mods get tighter, maybe investing in a wrap will be the new fashion.  

    Then aging, maybe not.

  15. May the 4th be with you. Always (a better way)

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