1. Happy Easter!

  2. The power of love. Toyota engine tattoo the ultimate symbol of loyalty?


    Healed. Thanks Darragh. March 2014

  3. Movie star papped: Lightning McQueen GT86.


    Lightning McQueen GT86! #gt86 #scion #frs #cars #brz #toyota #mcqueen #red #photoshop

  4. Unexpected mammal in the paddock area.

    Even the wildlife wants a closer look at the Toyota TS040 hybrid Le Mans car.

  5. Pink Pick-up

    Toyota Tacoma in unexpected colour. 

  6. Clever cake. 

    Edible Toyota iQ.

  7. Harley powered hybrid racer. 

    I think it’s fair call this an unsympathetic conversion from standard.

  8. Auris on Ice.

    The Cologne Sharks, a German ice hockey team, are up against the Grizzly Adams from Wolfsburg in the semi-finals. 

  9. Land Rover?

    Nah, Toyota is the aspirational brand in Africa.


    Tumblr Fails.net - African Toyota

  10. Lost in translation: This car is called a Spade. No, really, it is. Not an April Fool.

    It’s a Japan-only model.  In Japan, English words are cool, even if the meaning is somewhat amiss.

  11. Key Ring.

  12. Lego Le Mans racer. 

    This model of the 1999 Toyota GT-One Le Mans car nearly as cool as the real thing.

  13. From this year, Toyota President, Akio Toyoda’s business card has a QR code designed with his MORIZO character.  

    Reading it by a QR code reader leads to access a special website.  

    N.B. QR codes were invented by DENSO WAVE Corp, a Toyota company.

  14. This IS the drive we’ve been looking for.

    Star Wars stormtroopers give a Supra a thorough inspection.


  15. Toyota Dog Dance. Surreal and cute all at the same time.